Collective Exhibition

What do we pass down to our kids, how do we do it and why? What are the particularities in the artistic domain? Is the Artist the memory of our world?

The exhibition Transmission gathers the workd of a dozen of artists from different artistic fields and the creations of their children, Unveiling artistic practices and the links established with the next generation.

Each artist passes on in his own way a passion for art to his children, creating a triangular relationship between self, child and art. For some, it's a matter of openmindness, curiosity or inspiration, for others professionalization, psychological developpement or transfer.

In this exhibition, Georges Rousse's work has been chosen by his daughter Julie. She has chosen a piece that says MEMORIA, Memory, a word of importance for the artist and that resonnates with Julie Rousse's work title : Cual es el sonido de la Memoria? (What is the sound of memory?) You can listen to an excerpt from this piece here


A collective exhibition, with the works of :

Charly et Darius Delwart
Reynlard et Lily-Rrose Drouhin
Nathalie Lété, Thomas et Angèle Fougeirol
Arnaud et Lou Labelle-Rojoux
Christophe et Charles Luxereau
Georges et Julie Rousse
Stéphane et Laura Scott
Suzanne, Dimitri, Julien Sirjacq et Emilie Benoist

Curator associated : Aude de Bourbon Parme et Christophe Luxereau


From December 1rst to 22nd, 2016
Opening Novembre 30th, 2016

Galerie Vanessa Quang
7 rue des Filles du Calvaire
75003 Paris

Tuesday - Saturday
14h / 19h

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from 1 December
to 22 December 2016

le 30 novembre 2016