Georges Rousse Art project in Miyagi

Solo Exhibition

Creating and cultivating a new cultural identity in the surrounding Matsushima Bay.

On top of a hill, over looking the scenic beauty of Matsushima Bay, Loin, a once well known cafe stood there. Unfortunately, after the earthquake of March 31, 2011, this white walled modern piece of classic architecture could no longer be used due to the damages sustained in the disaster.

However, a new plan is in progress now to create a new building in its stead. This project has been started with the purpose of creating and cultivating a new cultural identity in the surrounding areas. Matsushima Bay will serve as a base to connect these areas through contemporary art.

Loved for it's restful surroundings and wonderful views, Cafe Loin is a place that holds the shared relationships and memories of the areas connected by the bay.

That is why, before Loin is demolished, renowned French artist Georges Rousse (born 1947, Paris) has been invited to participate in this project. Similarly to what he had done after the Great Hanshin Earthquake Disaster, where he drew on the walls and floors of buildings that were to be demolished and then photographed them to preserve the memory of those spaces, he will do the same here.

During the duration of this project, local people will be able to connect and exchange ideas with Georges Rousse and others that were involved with the Hanshin Art Project. For the local people, through this inspirational experience and exchange of ideas, this project will bring hope and happiness.

Reflecting over the path of recovery of Kobe in the past 18 years and through the connection of contemporary art, this project will serve as a starting point for Miyagi after March 11. Everyone involved in this project, both in Japan and around the world, are hoping for your support and together we can make this project a success.

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from 3 April
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April 3rd, 2013